Woodcote: Varnish for wooden based surfaces

8 Feb

WOODCOTE: Sunscreen for wooden surfaces

WITH the summer rays relentlessly beating down on those of us currently living in the southern hemisphere, it’s essential to apply some protection. For humans, we have sunscreen; for wood, there’s Woodcote.

Varnish is the sunscreen of the wooden world, and applying this to exterior wooden based surfaces is essential for protecting them from the elements – especially harmful UV rays. For long-lasting UV protection, it is recommended to apply a timber preservative. This deeply penetrative, nourishing wax and oil-based preservative has been especially designed for hard woods.

For exterior wooden based surfaces, Midas Paints offers both a classic outdoor varnish and a quick-drying variety. The former is an extra durable, solvent-based, UV resistant treatment with long-lasting active protective ingredients. Quickdry Outdoor Varnish is a water-based timber treatment that provides excellent coverage without concealing the grain. It has been designed for outdoor use, but can also be used indoors.

Woodcote Colour Range
Woodcote Colour Ranges

Indoor varnish has similar properties to outdoor varieties. It too is an extra durable, solvent-based treatment with long-lasting active protective ingredients that is UV resistant. Midas Paints’ indoor varnish does, however, offer a greater aesthetic appeal as it dries to a satin or gloss finish.

For trims, ceilings, wooden furniture and other low traffic areas, a general purpose varnish is available. Midas Paints’ Multi-Purpose Varnish is for both exterior and interior use.

Product Application:

Application of Woodcote products is fairly standard. Wooden based surfaces should always be thoroughly prepared before applying one primer coat of your chosen varnish – reduced 10% with mineral turpentine. This should be followed by two finishing coats of your Woodcote product. It is also always recommended that one strictly follows all the manufacturer’s instructions and allow the correct drying times between coats.

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