The Triplon 2000S CTICC paint job

9 Mar

SPECIAL PROJECT: CTICC Triplon paint job

FIVE years after the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) opened for business, it still looks remarkably sparkly and white. It promises to remain so for years to come. This extraordinary building, conceived in collaboration by architects Anya van der Merwe Miszewski, Revel Fox and John Ferendinos, is an iconic contemporary landmark on Cape Town’s Foreshore. Since 2004, the CTICC has excelled in providing a world class meeting place in the Cape, while attracting tourism and creating employment.

“When Midas Earthcote was appointed to supply paint for the project, the issue of maintenance was a real concern, especially considering the harbourside location and the impact of atmospheric pollution,” said Tom O’ Connor, of Midas Earthcote Cape Town. “We had to consider robust, long-life products that would reduce long term maintenance costs, without compromising a smooth high quality finish.”

The Triplon 2000S CTICC paint job


Being self-cleaning, the Triplon 2000S system used on the CTICC repels environmental pollutants such as fungi, algae, exhaust emissions or shot-blasting residue.

The solution was Triplon 2000S – an ultra-durable paint system developed by Midas Earthcote. The system comprises three coats of paint, offering a self-cleaning, protective finish in either a smooth or a stippled look, depending on the desired aesthetic.

Being self-cleaning, the Triplon system will repel environmental pollutants such as fungi, algae, exhaust emissions or shot-blasting residue. These are important considerations for a building that’s close to the harbour and the freeway.

Triplon comes with a ten to fifteen year quality guarantee, depending on the location of the site. Qualytech, a quality control management company, independently audits the condition of the painted surface before, during, and at various intervals after application.

“We monitor Triplon after application to ensure that the fungal resistance and dirt repulsion properties are effective and active” said Allen Clack of Qualytech. “Triplon is one of the finest solutions for CBD and coastal buildings. It is possibly the only paint system with such a long life guarantee.”

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