Earthcote Heritage Colours – Whites & Off-Whites

27 Jun

HERITAGE COLOURS: Arniston White, St James White, Surfer’s Corner, Westcliff Terrace and Two Oceans

Arniston White

Arniston White

In February, the sun hammers down on the crunchy white sand. That’s not snow white, that’s blister white. Wear slip slops and sunblock, and don’t get tangled up in the old fishermen’s ropes.

St James White

St James White

Little old white cottages.
Big old white sharks.
Train tracks in between.
White weddings every Saturday in the stone church between the mountain, the sky and the sea.

Surfer's Corner

Surfer’s Corner

It’s warmer this side, in False Bay. None of that icy water that bites your bones. Sharks? What sharks? Where? OK. Let’s go catch a wave and a samoosa from the Majestic Cafe. And pick up some wax from Corner Surf.

Westcliff Terrace

Westcliff Terrace

At night, zoo lions groan. Do they mourn the bushveld? Do they not know they sleep on prime real estate? Can’t they smell the Pimm’s?

Two Oceans

Two Oceans

On the Atlantic side it’s cold, on Indian side it’s warm. Somewhere in the middle, it must be perfect. Just don’t let the baboons jump into your car.

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