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Autumn “Play Outside” Poster Campaign!

4 May

THE Autumn leaves have fallen and it’s still relatively pleasant to play outside before Winter sets in. Midas Earthcote felt we should celebrate Autumn with a new in-store poster campaign – available in store now. The “Play Outside” Autumn campaign offers innovative ideas for organising outdoor sheds, paint exteriors and braai areas, as well as provide other garden-focused solutions.

New Autumn “Play Outside” Campaign

New Autumn "Play Outside" campaign

Autumn “Play Outside” poster campaign – braai areas

New Autumn "Play Outside" poster campaign

Autumn “Play Outside” poster campaign – outdoor shower

New Autumn "Play Outside" poster campaign

Autumn “Play Outside” poster campaign – garden sheds

New Autumn "Play Outside" poster campaign

Autumn “Play Outside” poster campaign – garden patio

The Green Building Council of South Africa

26 Jan

Creating a sustainable future brick by brick

THE Green Building Council of South Africa is an independent, non-profit organisation which aims to ensure that all commercial buildings are built and operated in an environmentally sustainable way. The goal is to ensure that all South Africans can work and live in healthy, efficient and productive environments.

The GBCSA was formed in 2007 and is a full member of the World Green Building Council. The official certification of green buildings in South Africa falls under the Green Star SA Rating System. The GBCSA released a really great explainer video at the end of 2011, which explains everything in animated detail:

The Green Building Council of South Africa

A “green building” is classified as a building which is energy efficient, resource efficient and environmentally responsible.

“It incorporates design, construction and operational practices that significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact of development on the environment and occupants. Building green is an opportunity to use resources efficiently and address climate change while creating healthier and more productive environments for people to live and work in” –

In practice, this encompasses the use of design, materials and technology to reduce energy and resource consumption with the aim of creating improved human and natural environments. Specefic green building measures include: (taken from

  • The use of renewable energy sources;
  • Water-efficient plumbing fittings and water harvesting;
  • The use of energy-efficient air-conditioning and lighting;
  • The use of environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials;
  • The reduction of waste, and the use of recycled materials;
  • Sensitivity with regard to the impact of the development on the environment; and,
  • Careful building design to reduce heat loads, maximise natural light and promote the circulation of fresh air.

To achieve certification, building owners submit documentation to the Green Building Council of South Africa. Submissions are assessed and a score is given. Certification is awarded for 4-Star, 5-Star or 6-Star Green Star SA ratings. The South African rating tool is based on the Australian Green Star system.

“The rating system sets out a “menu” of all the green measures that can be incorporated into a building to make it green. Points are awarded to a building according to which measures have been incorporated, and, after appropriate weighting, a total score is arrived at, which determines the rating” –

A great example of a 6-Star Green Star SA accredited building in South Africa is the Vodafone Site Solution Innovation Centre (SSIC). It is said to be the greenest building in the southern hemisphere.

  • Midas Earthcote is proud to be a member of the Green Building Council of South Africa since July 2009.

The Mobile Paint Lab

9 Jan

INNOVATION: Introducing the Mobile Paint Lab

THE costs of renovating or painting your home can add up pretty fast if one isn’t careful. Having an architect come out for measuring, driving to the paint store to select your colours and mixtures and then having the paint contractors come around to officially begin the process, can be expensive and time consuming.

There is a sure-fire way of having many of these costs cut out of the picture entirely. The “mobile paint lab” is an idea brought into being by Bredasdorp Paint&Place contractor, Andre Swart.

“The idea was actually thought of by my brother in law years ago”, explains Andre. “It is all built around convenience. Clients that make use of our mobile service do not have to drive out to select their paint. We can mix on site and offer paint products and our services right on the spot.”

The Mobile Paint Lab

The Mobile Paint Lab is a Paint&Place on the go - a free and convenient all-in-one service which cuts out many of the costs involved with renovating your home.

Andre has converted a Volkswagen Caddy into a one-man mobile unit, which he calls his “mobile paint lab”. The lab consists of a drawer system with all the paint and tools needed as well as a manual machine for the mixing.

“I have loaded the Cargo Tint Programme on my laptop which enables me to do all the measuring and mixing required from the car”, says Swart. “I also plan to install a printer so that even invoicing can be done on the spot. The Mobile Paint Lab could really be the next best thing for the industry.”

Andre Swart and his mobile paint lab currently operate roughly within an 80km radius around the Overberg area. The mobile paint lab is an additional, 100% free Paint&Place service that is likely to catch on. It is built around convenience, and all that it takes to make use of the mobile paint lab is to give Andre, or the Bredasdorp Paint&Place, a call.

Bredasdorp Contact Details:

TEL: 028 424 1522
CELL: 083 658 7215

  • The Midas Earthcote in Bredasdorp will be converting to a Paint&Place in 2012. The store is located on the corner of Claredon & Dirkie Uys Streets, Shop No. 6, Bredasdorp 7280. To find a Paint&Place near you try our Store Locator

Storm Wall Hurricane Effect

19 Dec

STORM WALL: Creating a hurricane effect with manipulated Worn Leather

THE Reserve in Adderley Street, Cape Town was recently taken by storm and hit by a hurricane. Fortunately this was not your conventional wet and wild hurricane type, but rather an Earthcote Worn Leather style that has become fondly know as Storm Wall.

The manipulated hurricane-like treatment left quite an impression on the walls of The Reserve – creating an emotional and unruly effect with a unique ‘scratchy’ look. This effect is achieved when painting diluted acrylic wall paint over Earthcote Worn Leather. The lime from the Worn Leather base coat ‘burns’ through – bringing all the aesthetic mayhem to the surface. Check out the effect in the following photograph – kindly supplied by revamp artist, Jenny Mason.

Storm Wall and the hurricane effect

Storm Wall

Earthcote Worn Leather Storm Wall at The Reserve in Adderley Street, Cape Town

  • Jenny has thoughtfully offered a simple step-by-step guide to creating the Storm Wall for yourself on her blog, Koekalooks.

More Special Feature Walls

Creating Polka Dot Wall

9 Dec

Earthcote Summer Promo Feature Wall #4

Polka Dot Wall* Click image to enlarge *


  • 1L Earthcote Granite ‘Isikonkwane Blue’
  • 2L Midas ENVIROLITE 220 ‘The Moat’ 4EGB


  1. Coat your wall with 2 coats Midas ENVIROLITE 220.
  2. Either hand draw circles or have a professional cut-out vinyl stencil made, for a quicker, slicker finish. If you do your own freehand circles, use a dinner plate – carefully measuring out the distance between them to ensure even spacing.
  3. Use a Hamilton’s ‘Perfection’ synthetic bristle brush, which makes it far easier to get clean, defined edges without spilling over the lines.
  4. Apply two coats of Granite inside the polka dot ‘blanks’. If you are using a vinyl stencil, you should paint in one direction consistently, either top to bottom or left to right. Sticking to the same direction will give your finish a slicker, more even finish.
  5. When dry, peel off the vinyl stencils.

TIPS: Order peel-on-peel-off vinyl stencils from Sign Bomb Wall Art (021 447 6075). They deliver countrywide. Get ideas on their Facebook page.

COST: Under R400 for 8m2 feature wall (excluding labour & vinyl stencil).

  • All the products and equipment needed to achieve this Plaid Wall can be picked up at your nearest Paint&Place. Visit the Paint&Place Store Locator to find one nearest to you.

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