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Earthcote Granite Paint – Explosive Thinking

11 Jan

What are they thinkING?

THE words ‘explosive thinking’ are rendered in a giant installation, using matchsticks on Earthcote Granite paint, across a feature wall in award-winning PE ad agency Boomtown. Using Granite Paint was an easy decision. PE’s first Paint&Place is located in the shop directly below their upbeat new offices in the repurposed Bridge Street centre in South End. The red ‘pops’ like firecrackers against the charcoal Granite Paint by Earthcote.

What are they thinkING?

Giant Matchstick Installation

The words "explosive thinking" are rendered in a giant matchstick installation on Earthcote Granite paint across a feature wall in award-winning PE ad agency Boomtown

The PE Paint&Place is located on 1 Bridge Street, (corner of Upper Valley Road & Brickmakerskloof). Give them a call on 041 581 5433, or contact them directly via the following:

Dylan Macleod
CELL: 083 657 0096
EMAIL: dylan@paintandplace.com

Schalk de Bruin
CELL: 079 523 5525
EMAIL: schalk@paintandplace.com