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Change Your Perspective campaign

10 Apr

NEW PERSPECTIVES: Earthcote ‘Change Your Perspective’ campaign a great success

Earthcote has always been a brand that challenges people to reconsider how they look at things – visually and aesthetically. The 2011/2012 Change Your Perspective campaign does just that by making people do a double-take each time they see these photographs.

“In the 90s we asked people to really look at how they were painting their homes – to consider whether flat paint really was the only way to coat an exterior of a house. It wasn’t”, says Earthcote Marketing Director, Simon Fraser.

“People started looking at the mottled, trashed feel of Cement Paint and thought ‘hey this could actually be quite lekker on my house.’ It’s always been a brand that takes a different view to the conventional approach, and many people remember our ads from a decade ago where we showcased gay marriage and cross cultural fashion at a time when that was all still a bit radical”, says Simon Fraser.

Change Your Perspectives campaign

New Perspectives

The photographs used in a three-part series of magazine ads during the 'Change Your Perspective' campaign (Photography: Antonia Steyn)

The guy running with a cup of coffee looks like a guy running with coffee; until you realise that nothing is spilling out of the cup. Because actually, he’s lying down.

The girl who is jumping away from the mouse is of course also lying down. A bit of clever hair and costume manipulation helps to create the illusion that she’s leaping away from the tiny mouse (which is in fact a small rat). You may find it interesting to learn that the law requires that animals be properly handled on shoots, so the rat performer had a dedicated handler looking out for him at all times during the Change Your Perspective shoot.

“The levitating guy was interesting to do,” says art director Penny Waterkeyn. “The stylist had to get the folds of pants and t-shirt looking just right, to make the weird perspective work. It’s not easy to keep your legs endlessly crossed like that. He was an excellent model, and very patient – likewise with the other two. Our coffee guy had to be very patient with that cup of coffee in his hand. Incidentally, all he was holding was a cup. We dropped the coffee in in post production, with Photoshop.”

The shots pictured above and used in the Change Your Perspective campaign were taken by photographer Antonia Steyn, who was hoisted up onto a five metre high scaffolding. This enabled her to shoot directly overhead at the perfect distance from each subject – providing a change in perspective.

Products featured: Earthcote Pandomo, Granite Paint, Worn Leather

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Midas Fresco Old World Style

12 Mar

MIDAS FRESCO: When New World technology meets Old World style

THE Chateau de L’ermitage, on the slopes of the Franschhoek Pass, is a classic Provençe-inspired boutique hotel set in the grounds of the prestigious Fransche Hoek Estate. The setting of this elegant five-star hotel, sandwiched between Chamonix and Haute Cabriere, was important in deciding the final finish.

Developer Dawie du Preez led the colour co-ordinations – calling on Midas Earthcote for products with an earthy, European look and feel.

The challenge of this special project was that the hotel needed to reflect the European influence in the Franschhoek valley while simultaneously offering contemporary functionality and durability.

Midas Fresco: Old World Style

Chateau de L’ermitage

The prestigious five-star Chateau de L’ermitage boutique hotel on the Fransche Hoek Estate.

The solution was Midas Fresco – the acrylic, suede-textured coating. Fresco was used extensively on the exterior. This coating provides a gritty, graded look with subtle colour variances and nuances, similar to Earthcote’s traditional cement paint. However, unlike cement paint, Fresco will not streak or mottle and is an ideal solution for concealing hairline cracks.

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Green Point welcomes new Paint&Place

2 Dec

OPENING: Green Point welcomes a new Paint&Place to Somerset Road

IN the early 2000s, Earthcote paints launched and retailed from a large store with a pretty shopfront in Somerset Road. At the time, this was not only the first retail store in the area, but the first Earthcote retailer to open in South Africa (which later became Midas Earthcote). With hindsight, it seems like a brave and adventurous move for the Earthcote crew since Somerset Road was much more famous for its hooker contingent during those years than for decor and design.

Interestingly, the store got off to an auspicious start when the ex-mayor of Cape Town and his wife popped in to see who would be mad enough to start a business on ‘the strip’! The Markowitz’s were the first clients to shop for paint at the old Earthcote store – with its large lavender pots outside and its genteel ‘house & garden’ look.

The new Greenpoint Paint & Place store in Somerset Street

The new Green Point Paint&Place store in Somerset Road

The Midas Earthcote building is currently being transformed into something entirely different. Midas Earthcote has moved on down the road, where it’s starting a new life as a Paint&Place. The new location is tops – directly opposite Cape Town Stadium and the My City bus stop. With Miss K deli next door, it’s a very yummy situation.

Also in the neighbourhood is the Cape Royal Hotel, which was the first hotel in the country to make use of Earthcote’s classic Cement Paint – supplied by the old Midas Earthcote Green Point store. But perhaps the biggest claim to fame of the new, freshly coated Paint&Place is that it is now the only Paint&Place on the Atlantic Seaboard. Hilton Sarembock is looking forward to showing you around his great little store. If you get lost, let your nose lead you to the smell of coffee coming from Miss K or Giovanni’s – and you’ll be there.

A look inside the new Greenpoint Paint & Place store

A look inside the new Green Point Paint&Place store

  • Paint&Place will be offering various specials this season and is currently exhibiting Summer Promo Feature Walls. For updates of these specials and promotions, follow Paint&Place on Twitter @PaintandPlace or join the Paint&Place Facebook page. More information can also be found at www.paintandplace.com

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