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Centurion Paint&Place Upgrade

15 Dec

Paint&Place in Centurion gets an upgrade

CENTURION residents may remember a friendly paint store that existed in the Lifestyle Centre – on the corner of Lenchen & Old Johannesburg Roads. This paint store first opened its doors as a Midas Earthcote in 2006 before being renovated into a Paint&Place in September 2010.

The Paint&Place in Centurion is run by two dedicated staff members, Glenda and August and is under the ownership of Charmaine Grey. Charmaine has her own applicator teams so you can choose your finish and applicator as a one-stop store. This team of professionals have been involved in a few special projects, one of which is certainly worthy of mention.


The Midstream Estate in Centurion is a unique village consisting of 3 residential estates, sport facilities, private schools, a village shopping centre and community services. The Paint&Place team have painted 6 houses over the course of 2011 and are currently working on 3 more.

The outside of these residential houses were coated with Midafelt 225 – a good quality matt acrylic with good wipeability and excellent hiding power. The inside of the houses were painted with Midalux 240 – a high quality pure washable acrylic finishing coat with the slightest sheen.

The upgrading of the Paint&Place in Centurion is now complete and its staff members are more than ready to serve you. They are situated in Shop B3 of the Centurion Lifestyle Centre, on the corner of Lenchen & Old Johannesburg Roads, Centurion 0157.

The Paint&Place in Centurion getting a makeover

The Paint&Place in Centurion getting a makeover

Centurion Paint&Place Contact Details:

TEL: 012-653 3354
CELL: 084 587 4093

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