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Midas Steracon Byotrol Paints

30 Jan

STERACON: Midas Steracon Byotrol Paints

LIFE is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Our environment is becoming progressively more populated with greater numbers of people living and working in closer proximity to each other. These changes in our habitat have brought with it an increased exposure to harmful pollutants and diseases.

In an effort to combat these contaminators, a vast range of antidotes, pesticides and detergents have been developed. Though effective in part, these have unfortunately also contributed to the development of so-called “Super Bugs”.

These disease-producing organisms can spread to large numbers of people via food, objects and buildings. Areas specifically at risk of contamination are heated, ventilated and air-conditioned buildings.

One example of a micro-organism which thrives in such an environment is Cladosporium. This colonises the painted metal surfaces of heating vents, air conditioning and ventilation systems – penetrating the paint and causing bio-deterioration – impacting on the quality of indoor air.

Combating harmful microbes with regular, rigorous cleaning regimes are inevitably temporal, since this only provides a limited barrier on most surfaces. Furthermore, surfaces such as plasterboard, bricks and glass-fibre are almost impossible to keep clean. A more permanent solution is clearly required.

Midas Earthcote Paints is proud to offer this solution. Our Steracon Paints range contains the active ingredient Byotrol, which ensures that the bacteria, fungi, mould etc. continue to be rigorously combated months after application.

Steracon is a highly specialised range of products all containing Byotrol – an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal additive with an active ingredient that repels bacteria, fungi and other potentially harmful microbes. Steracon is ideal for commercial and medical environments, such as abattoirs, hospitals, wine production facilities and any other areas that need protection against harmful microbes. Steracon is also widely used in domestic environments and is more and more frequently being specified for bathrooms and exterior walls that get no sunlight. – www.midaspaints.co.za

Very simply, Byotrol contains non-chemical bonds which create a high & low surface tension on the coated surfaces. This severely impedes micro-organisms’ ability to reproduce and grow. In turn, this makes the micro-organisms more vulnerable to the small amount of biocides contained in the coating, which together builds an effective hygienic shield.

Midas Steracon Paints – Colour Range

Midas Steracon Paints Colour Range

Midas Steracon Paints Colour Range

Steracon Low Sheen can be used both internally and externally on new and previously painted masonry surfaces. It is also ideally suited for heavy wear areas, such as passages and in bathrooms and kitchens, where it provides both decorative and microbial protection to applied areas.

It is important to note that Byotrol does not provide a chemical barrier, but rather a physical barrier which makes it environmentally safe and non-hazardous to people. Proof of this is evidenced by the fact that Byotrol carries SABS 1853 (food-grade) certification, and is used extensively in food preparation surfaces both locally and internationally. Current Steracon customers include hospitals, winerys, Heinz, Woolworths and Midas Paints.

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