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Midacote Paint Surfaces

21 Jun

Give your furniture a few more years of life with a fresh coat of Midacote paint

Chipboard painted with Midacote Satin stripes

Chipboard painted with Midacote Satin stripes

Midacote Paint Surfaces

It’s interesting how paint can transform utilitarian surfaces and give them a completely different vibe. This is an example of how painted chipboard looks, when coated with Midacote Satin. It makes a great backdrop for plants in a patio area (photographed here at the Montebello Garden Centre in Newlands.) We like how the bright stripes look in fresh pure white and postbox red. (Paint & Place has a great selection of bright reds.) We’ve also seen a similar effect where tables were covered with hessian, and a solvent-based paint like Midacote Satin was used to ‘glue’ the fabric to the table, creating an interesting textured surface. (And it’s washable.) The idea, really, is to consider paint to give unexpected character to surfaces – and if furniture looks like it’s on its last legs, it’s amazing how a coat of paint can give it a few more years of life.

– Post by Jenny Mason. Check out her blog koekalooks for more great ideas

Intensifying Garden Walls in Winter

14 Jun

DARK & INTENSE: Let green be seen in your garden by intensifying walls in Winter

Intense Green Garden Wall

Intense Green Garden Wall

If you don’t think Winter is the season for painting and working in the garden, here’s a thought.

See how garden foliage kicks out against chocolate and charcoal walls, especially in Autumn and Winter when the light is filtered and the air is crisp. After a shower of rain, greens seem somehow even brighter, and dark walls, richer and more intense.

A good call for a garden wall: to offset foliage, paint it a deep grey or peppercorn. ‘Peppercorn’ is a dark chocolate, while ‘Licorice’ is the most popular charcoal in our selection of Midas 300 colours.

Look how the evocative colour shift of autumn leaves kicks out from a deep donkey grey wall, painted in ‘Storm’. Darker colours create a foil for your garden to get showy.

Deep Donkey Grey Wall

Deep Donkey Grey Wall

Ask in-store to see our popular ‘earth & grey’ options for garden walls and exteriors, all available in Envirolite Zero VOC eco-wise formulations. Much better for the air you breathe, and for the planet.

Be more salvage savvy

“The shot up at the top shows how you can put old unwanted metal work to good use. These not so attractive burglar bars were discarded during a renovation project of mine. We painted them the same colour as the wall, mounted them on a wooden frame and turned them into a trellis for our creeper.” – koekalooks

  • This Special Project post is by serial renovator Jenny Mason. Check out her blog koekalooks for more great ideas

Tri-coloured Earthcote Worn Leather wall

4 Jun

DIY: Creating a tri-coloured Earthcote Worn Leather wall

Tri-coloured Earthcote Worn Leather

Tri-coloured Earthcote Worn Leather

Guest post by Jenny Mason

Look what happens when you take a bagged wall and apply Earthcote Worn Leather in different colours. Truth be told, this room was not a pretty sight before. It’s a kid’s den in an outside room. And it’s now nicely transformed with paint, thank you very much.

The trick is to be sure that you ‘work’ the paint in vigorously while it’s still wet, at the intersections between the colours. Once dry, seal with a layer or two of Earthcote Worn Leather Wax – buffing it to a sheen. By hand, if it’s a small area and you’re up to it, or with an orbital buffer. The floor was painted in Midas Floor Paint.

This wall was produced by Jenny Mason using Earthcote Worn Leather. If you have any queries regarding this wall, please leave Jenny a comment on her blog Koekalooks and she’ll get back to you with answers.

Earthcote Granite Paint Colour Card

26 Apr

GRANITE PAINT: Earthcote’s robust, brush-on interior and exterior DIY product

Inspired by the look of granite rock, Earthcote’s robust, DIY Granite Paint gets its flecked appearance from recycling dried paint. Granite rock has a unique effect; every time you look at it, you see different flecks of colour. Sometimes the red jumps out at you, sometimes the blacks or the greens surface. Granite paint has been described as having a rather “magical” effect.

Earthcote Granite Paint Colour Card

Earthcote Granite Paint Colour Card

Granite Paint Colour Card

Granite Paint Interiors & Exteriors

  • Brush Applied
  • Not for use on any wet areas (example: showers)
  • Selected colour range and custom tinted colours

PLEASE NOTE: Colours shown above are intended as a guide only. For a more accurate reference, please refer to our in-store display.