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Creating Colour Blocking Wall

5 Dec

Earthcote Summer Promo Feature Wall #2

Colour Blocking Wall* Click image to enlarge *



This is a classic approach, reminiscent of Mark Rothko colour blocking, using Earthcote Worn Leather in these colours: Cream (top) Mountain Boot (middle stripe) and Chalk White (bottom).

  1. Start with 1 coat Supamatt Primer, as an undercoat, then apply the Worn Leather colours. The effect will have an individual look each time, so expect to create a unique art wall of your own.
  2. Blend each colour block into the next as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, using as little paint on your brush as possible and working it into the wall, softening any sharp lines. Wet your brush to blend further if needed.
  3. Once the wall is dry, finish it off with one or two layers of Earthcote Wall Wax. Polish the wax either by hand or with an orbital buffer, as you would a floor.


Worn Leather paint goes a long way, as very little paint is needed to achieve the desired effect. Your three 1L tins of Worn Leather done in this style could cover as much as 16m2 – at a cost of under R500 including primer and wax. Painting 8m2 works out at a cost of approximately R250 or less.

COST: Under R250 for 8m2 feature wall (excluding labour).

  • All the products and equipment needed to achieve this Colour Blocking Wall can be picked up at your nearest Paint&Place. Visit the Paint & Place Store Locator to find one nearest to you.

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