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Envirolite: Environmentally Conscious Painting

13 Dec


THERE is something really pleasing about the smell of a fresh coat of paint. However, this fresh paint odour is caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and can be irritating to the eyes and nose and damaging to the lungs. They also contribute to poor air quality.

Midas Earthcote has made strong efforts to reduce the effect that their coatings have on both indoor and outdoor air quality. They have reduced the VOC content of their paint significantly and made it available to consumers as Envirolite.

Midas Paints adopts the EU standard which defines a Volatile Organic Compound as any carbon-based substance with a boiling point of 250º C. Envirolite is leading the paint industry in reducing volatile organic compounds and even offers some products that contain zero VOC, which don’t cost any more than conventional paint.

Envirolite 220The nasty chemical that makes paint harmful to our environments is Glycol. Most colourants contain Glycol, which is considered to be 100% VOC. For this reason it should always be ascertained whether the VOC stated is for white or colour-tinted products.

Most manufacturers only stipulate the VOC content of their white paint. Earthcote and Midas Paints have access to colourants that are not only Glycol, APEO, Formaldehyde and Lead free but are also certified Zero VOC. Most Envirolite topcoats are Zero VOC.

Besides having reduced or Zero VOCs, many of the Envirolite products have also been reformulated without these potentially hazardous chemical ingredients that are conventionally used as drying time retarders, preservatives and stabilisers.

Envirolite is able to maintain its low VOC content by making use of Glycol-free colourants, which helps to significantly reduce possible health hazards of paint. Envirolite has been given a “Green Star” rating by the Green Building Council of South Africa and is already way ahead of international standards.

  • Every coating in the Envirolite range is rated according to its VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content, based both on international standards and our own stringent standards. Every tin of Envirolite is clearly marked – indicating its VOC content.

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Creating Storm Wall

28 Nov

Earthcote Summer Promo Feature Wall #1

Earthcote Summer Promo Feature Wall #1* Click image to enlarge *



  1. Start with 2 coats of Earthcote Worn Leather, applied by brush.
  2. To accentuate the uneven ‘burn’ in the look, overcoat the Worn Leather wall (once dry) with a coat of Envirolite 220 in the same or similar grey – diluted 50/50 with water. (We use Envirolite ‘Femme Fatale’).
  3. Apply with a sponge roller.
  4. When you’re happy with how the look has developed, finish with one or two layers of Earthcote Wall Wax. Polish either by hand or with an orbital buffer, as you would a floor.

COST: Under R450 for 8m2 feature wall (includes allowance for special materials – excludes labour).

  • All the products and equipment needed to achieve this Storm Wall can be picked up at your nearest Paint&Place. Visit the Paint&Place Store Locator to find one nearest to you.

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