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Intensifying Garden Walls in Winter

14 Jun

DARK & INTENSE: Let green be seen in your garden by intensifying walls in Winter

Intense Green Garden Wall

Intense Green Garden Wall

If you don’t think Winter is the season for painting and working in the garden, here’s a thought.

See how garden foliage kicks out against chocolate and charcoal walls, especially in Autumn and Winter when the light is filtered and the air is crisp. After a shower of rain, greens seem somehow even brighter, and dark walls, richer and more intense.

A good call for a garden wall: to offset foliage, paint it a deep grey or peppercorn. ‘Peppercorn’ is a dark chocolate, while ‘Licorice’ is the most popular charcoal in our selection of Midas 300 colours.

Look how the evocative colour shift of autumn leaves kicks out from a deep donkey grey wall, painted in ‘Storm’. Darker colours create a foil for your garden to get showy.

Deep Donkey Grey Wall

Deep Donkey Grey Wall

Ask in-store to see our popular ‘earth & grey’ options for garden walls and exteriors, all available in Envirolite Zero VOC eco-wise formulations. Much better for the air you breathe, and for the planet.

Be more salvage savvy

“The shot up at the top shows how you can put old unwanted metal work to good use. These not so attractive burglar bars were discarded during a renovation project of mine. We painted them the same colour as the wall, mounted them on a wooden frame and turned them into a trellis for our creeper.” – koekalooks

  • This Special Project post is by serial renovator Jenny Mason. Check out her blog koekalooks for more great ideas

ENVIROLITE: Zero VOC Environmentally Friendly Paint

16 May

ENVIROLITE: Water-based, zero VOC & reduced VOC paint product range

Glycol, APEO and Formaldehyde and the less favourable ingredients of paint, which we aim to completely eliminate in time. These substances are conventionally used as paint drying time retarders, preservatives and stabilisers. The Envirolite environmentally friendly paint range has been reformulated without these potentially hazardous chemical ingredients. Currently, many Envirolite products either have reduced VOCs or are ZERO VOC.

Envirolite: Environmentally Friendly Paint Range

Envirolite: Environmentally Friendly Paint

Envirolite is able to maintain its low VOC content by making use of Glycol-free colourants, which helps to significantly reduce possible health hazards of paint. Envirolite has been given a “Green Star” rating by the Green Building Council of South Africa and is already way ahead of international standards.

The entire product range at Midas is called Envirolite. Each and every one of these products are vetted through the green filter. Paint & Place stores throughout South Africa provide these green filters, which can be used to evaluate your paint before purchase.

Every tin of Envirolite will have a label on it stipulating whether the paint contains Zero VOC, Minimal VOC, Low VOC or Medium VOC, allowing you to make an environmentally conscious choice. Lookout for these on your next visit. To find a Paint & Place store near you, try using our Store Locator.

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Low VOC Envirolite Paint

23 Jan

What’s in a tin of Envirolite?

EVERY coating in the Envirolite range is rated according to its VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content, based both on international standards and our own stringent standards.


VOC Markers

Envirolite Paint Markers


  • 230 (SATIN)
  • 240 (LOW SHEEN)
  • 190, 200 & 225 (MATT)







NOTE: This is an abridged Envirolite product list. Please refer to our comprehensive list of Envirolite products and ratings.

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The Greenest Building in the Southern Hemisphere

17 Jan

The Envirolite Coated SSIC Building

THE Vodafone Site Solution Innovation Centre (SSIC) is the first 6 Star Green Star SA accredited building in South Africa. It is said to be the greenest building in the southern hemisphere and houses techies who are working on solutions for the future.

The aesthetic principle was to create a harmonious and seamless integration between the physical building and the surrounding landscape. Midas Earthcote is proud to have been a part of bringing this eco-friendly building to fruition.

Vodafone Site Solution Innovation Centre

The SSIC is said to be the greenest building in the southern hemisphere and houses techies who are working on solutions for the future (image: http://www.glh.co.za)

The structural columns of the SSIC are a combination of steel and eucalyptus gumpoles while the roof structure is an exposed timber beam system. Every piece of timber, both exterior and interior, were coated with Envirolite Waterbased Wood Treatment to ensure a long-lasting finish.

All the steel that makes up the SSIC was cleaned with Midas Earthcote Galvanised Iron Pre-cleaner to achieve a water break-free surface before being treated with Envirolite Rust Neatraliser.

Before applying a layer of Envirolite Waterbased Universal Undercoat, steel surfaces were prepared using Envirolite Metal Prime Grey. The finishing touch consisted of two coats of Midas Earthcote Envirolite Waterbased Satin Gloss Enamel. Chosen colours were black, white, “signal red” and “almost there.”

The interior plastered walls of the SSIC were primed with one coat of Envirolite Masonry Primer before applying two finishing coats of Envirolite Midalux 240.

The Vodafone Site Solution Innovation Centre and its landscaped garden will be open to visitors and demonstrates the innovative techniques and systems utilised to create a low energy and sustainable construction solution.

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