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Midas Fresco Old World Style

12 Mar

MIDAS FRESCO: When New World technology meets Old World style

THE Chateau de L’ermitage, on the slopes of the Franschhoek Pass, is a classic Provençe-inspired boutique hotel set in the grounds of the prestigious Fransche Hoek Estate. The setting of this elegant five-star hotel, sandwiched between Chamonix and Haute Cabriere, was important in deciding the final finish.

Developer Dawie du Preez led the colour co-ordinations – calling on Midas Earthcote for products with an earthy, European look and feel.

The challenge of this special project was that the hotel needed to reflect the European influence in the Franschhoek valley while simultaneously offering contemporary functionality and durability.

Midas Fresco: Old World Style

Chateau de L’ermitage

The prestigious five-star Chateau de L’ermitage boutique hotel on the Fransche Hoek Estate.

The solution was Midas Fresco – the acrylic, suede-textured coating. Fresco was used extensively on the exterior. This coating provides a gritty, graded look with subtle colour variances and nuances, similar to Earthcote’s traditional cement paint. However, unlike cement paint, Fresco will not streak or mottle and is an ideal solution for concealing hairline cracks.

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Midamite and Fresco textured paint

22 Feb

MIDAS PAINTS: Midamite and Fresco

MIDAS Earthcote brings you colour with texture. We have already had a look at the Midas 300 product range and now we want to introduce you to two more textured Midas products – both of which have their own special and unique appeal. Each of the following products are for both interior and exterior use.



Introducing Midamite – the durable, textured emulsion. Midamite is available in fine, medium and coarse varieties. Then there’s Fresco – an acrylic, suede-textured coating, which is the gentler of the two. This unique textured paint offers subtle, graded colour nuances.

Application of Midamite and Fresco is slightly different. What is important for each however, is that all surfaces are thoroughly prepared beforehand, that all manufacturer’s instructions are strictly followed, and that you allow the correct drying times between coats.



Fresco Application: Apply one coat of the recommended primer followed by two finishing coats of Fresco.

Midamite Application: Apply one coat of the recommended primer followed by two finishing coats of Midamite. Note: Midamite Medium and Coarse must be over-coated with a pure acrylic.