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The Green Filter Paint Evaluator

21 Dec

GREEN FILTER: Evaluating the VOC content of your paint

AS part of the new Green Revolution, it’s become increasingly important to rethink all aspects of how we choose to live. This includes evaluating how we choose to paint our homes.

Conventional paint contains some nasty stuff – chemicals that are damaging to the environment and to our health. Glycol, APEO and Formaldehyde are all potentially hazardous chemical ingredients that are conventionally used as drying time retarders, preservatives and stabilisers.

These chemicals are known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and can be irritating to the eyes and nose and damaging to the lungs. They also contribute to poor air quality.

The entire product range at Midas is called Envirolite. Each and every one of these products are vetted through the green filter. Paint & Place stores throughout South Africa provide these green filters, which can be used to evaluate your paint before purchase.

Every tin of Paint & Place paint will have a label on it stipulating whether the paint contains Zero VOC, Minimal VOC, Low VOC or Medium VOC, allowing you to make an environmentally conscious choice. Lookout for these on your next visit. To find a Paint & Place near you, try using our Store Locator.

The Green Filter: VOC Paint Evaluator

Green Filter PosterGreen Filter Poster 2

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