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Earthcote Granite Paint Colour Card

26 Apr

GRANITE PAINT: Earthcote’s robust, brush-on interior and exterior DIY product

Inspired by the look of granite rock, Earthcote’s robust, DIY Granite Paint gets its flecked appearance from recycling dried paint. Granite rock has a unique effect; every time you look at it, you see different flecks of colour. Sometimes the red jumps out at you, sometimes the blacks or the greens surface. Granite paint has been described as having a rather “magical” effect.

Earthcote Granite Paint Colour Card

Earthcote Granite Paint Colour Card

Granite Paint Colour Card

Granite Paint Interiors & Exteriors

  • Brush Applied
  • Not for use on any wet areas (example: showers)
  • Selected colour range and custom tinted colours

PLEASE NOTE: Colours shown above are intended as a guide only. For a more accurate reference, please refer to our in-store display.