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The Cape Sands paint job

1 Mar

CAPE SANDS PROJECT: Concealing imperfections with a subtle texture

THE Cape Sands – a landmark sea-facing contemporary building in the Strand, was looking good in every respect. However, surface imperfections, which are all the more visible with the glare at the coast, posed a challenge to Pierre Volschenk, who was tasked to improve the finish. Volschenk worked alongside Cyril Bekker and Sean Rack, partners in Midas Earthcote Somerset West and Strand stores, to come up with a cost effective, quality finish.

The solution was a paint system that conceals imperfections while providing a subtle texture. The first coat, Midamite Coarse, has a heavy stipple texture that provided the necessary uniformity. This was over-coated with Midas exterior acrylic (Midafelt 225). These robust products also stand up well to weather at the coast. Being matt, Midafelt 225 helps to diffuse and reduce glare from sea.

The Cape Sands paint job

The Cape Sands

The Cape Sands

“This was the optimum solution, considering that re-plastering wasn’t an option. Conventional acrylic paint at a rate of 8m2/L cannot cover and correct what a textured paint like Midamite can do at 1.5m2/L,” said Bekker.

“Cyril and I have a collective four decades of experience in the paint business,” said Rack. “Experience tells us that a full service is the only way to properly fulfill customers’ needs.”

Midas Earthcote provides a service at floor level where orders are taken, colours are accurately tinted by eye, delivery is swift and solutions are offered that work with the aesthetic, technical and cost requirements of a project. Synergy ensures a package that works for customers and leaves a long-lasting finish every time.

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