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A Midas Makeover of The Bay Hotel in Camps Bay

14 Mar

The Bay Hotel’s Midas makeover with Matt acrylic Midas 240 and Midaroof

A Midas Earthcote makeover of The Bay Hotel transformed this well-trodden Camps Bay landmark into a well-grounded, elegant building, with shades of Coney Island. There were several challenges with this special project, the primary issue being that a pure white building by the seaside results in uncomfortably high glare. Environmental pollution on the roof (caused by seagull droppings) was also a reality that needed a practical resolve.

Midas Makeover of The Bay Hotel

The Bay Hotel

The Bay Hotel in Camps Bay, Cape Town.

The solution was Matt acrylic Midas 240. A shade of light grey was used which helps to absorb light – making the building feel more sympathetic to its environment. The effect is simple, clean and fresh – enhanced by the addition of natural timber exterior elements like Balau balustrades and pergolas. To minimise the visual impact of seagull droppings, the roof was redecorated in custom-tinted grey Midaroof.

The Bay Hotel Interior

The Bay Hotel interior.

The exterior changes were so effective that hotel owner Maree Brinks decided to update the interior as well. The result is interesting, individual and eclectic. Each room was treated individually, with unique one-off elements creating a boutique hotel feel.

Matt acrylic Midas 240 was used extensively in restful tones of complementary greens, greys and blues. Pandomo, with its cloudy, veined, highly polished stucco-like look, was used on accent walls to create ambiance and to inject a contemporary feel into The Bay Hotel.

“The inside needed to be a seamless extension of the natural elements outside”, said interior decorator, Arina Cilliers. “The colors and textures were therefore chosen from the neutral and soothing side of the spectrum. Beige and driftwood grey were combined with soft aqua and green, to represent both the sea and the surrounding fynbos . This was to be the backdrop for solid wood, hand-woven wicker and nautical stainless steel.”

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Midas Earthcote Roof & Floor Paint

20 Feb

Midas Earthcote Floor Paint

THE most essential step involved when applying floor paint is correct preparation. It is important that all floor surfaces be prepared in the recommended manner. This usually involves ensuring that floors are oil and grease free before applying floor paint.

Midas Earthcote Floor Paint is a tough water-based polyurethane floor paint that dries to a satin finish. It can be used for both exterior and interior surfaces and can be applied to new or previously painted floors where medium wear and tear resistance is required.

Application: Thoroughly stir and apply a minimum of two coats of Midas Earthcote Floor Paint to prepared surfaces using a brush, roller or spray at the stipulated spread rates. Allow to dry before over-coating.

Midas Earthcote also offers a unique floor paint called Stoep Paint. This is a tough, roll-on floor paint that dries to a gloss finish. It can be used for both exterior and interior surfaces.

Application: Prepare surfaces thoroughly, removing all oils and grease etc. with Granoprep; apply two finishing coats of Stoep Paint. Strictly follow all the manufacturer’s instructions and allow the correct drying times between coats.

Midas Earthcote Roof Paint

When it come to roof paint, most would turn to a product that is both waterproof and fade-resistant. Midas Earthcote offers three varieties of roof paint – one of which is even acid rain-resistant.

Midas Earthcote Acrylic Roof Paint is a medium strength, acrylic-based roof paint that is fade-resistant and dries to a matt finish. Midaroof is a premium quality, pure acrylic roof paint that is fade-resistant and acid rain-resistant.

Bituminous Aluminium, on the other hand, is our solvent-based, bituminous solution pigmented with aluminium paste for protection of bitumen waterproofing systems.

Roof Paint Application:

All roof paint is for exterior use only and application is the same across all products. An important part of the preparation process is to degrease galvanized metal surfaces with Galvanised Iron Pre-cleaner. Thereafter one coat of the recommended primer should be applied followed by two finishing coats of your chosen roof paint. As always, one should strictly follow all the manufacturer’s instructions and allow the correct drying times between coats.