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Blouberg Paint&Place store upgrade

22 Dec

New Paint&Place, Living Texture and Bread & Butter deli all in one store

IF you live in Blouberg, you’ve likely heard people talking reminiscently of Ilene Cross’ over-sized, home-baked muffins at the new Bread & Butter deli in Sandown Road.

Husband and wife team Steven and Ilene Cross have infused all their passions into their new Paint&Place store in the Sunningdale Lifestyle Centre in Blouberg. Interior design, décor, real home-baked treats and ensuring that people have a thoroughly memorable experience overall, are what Steven and Ilene have brought to the table.

P&P Bread & Butter

The new Bread & Butter deli inside the new Paint&Place store in Blouberg

The new Bread & Butter deli is actually inside the new Paint&Place store – allowing visitors to chill out and relax while their paint-related needs are taken care of. But many just pop around for the coffee and a bite of Ilene’s gourmet sandwiches.

“It’s all about presentation and the overall experience”, says store owner Steven Cross. “The new coffee shop has taken off far better than we expected. I believe this is largely due to word of mouth and the homely atmosphere that everyone has helped to create in our new store.”

The new Paint&Place has clearly become more than just a paint store, but a place to relax, treat oneself, and enjoy some good company. The whole move has been such a success, that Steven and Ilene have opened another business, Living Texture, within the new Paint&Place store. Living Texture offers products related to interior design and décor and is a great combination with Paint&Place.

Blouberg Paint&Place

The Blouberg Paint&Place coming to fruition

  • The new Blouberg Paint&Place, Living Texture and Bread & Butter deli is in Shop No. 6 of the Sunningdale Lifestyle Centre, 9 Sandown Road, Sunningdale. Check our Store Locator to find a Paint&Place near you.