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Midas Earthcote Project: Greening the Park

21 May

MIDAS PROJECT: Greening Radisson Park Inn

The new Park Inn by Radisson on Cape Town’s Foreshore is conveniently located for delegates attending events at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC). Given the location, guests can also walk to the V&A Waterfront and business travelers are in walking distance to a number of corporate headquarters. This contemporary hotel is as modern and luxurious as it is practical and convenient. It was important that the finishes be chosen to match the modern, innovation led approach. The project was a revamp of a period building and certain old walls needed careful finishing.

Midas Earthcote Project: Greening Radisson Park Inn

Radisson Park Inn

The Park Inn hotel by Radisson

As with any leisure or hospitality project, constant occupancy and guest comfort is key. The hotel needed to be guest-friendly and habitable as soon as possible after painting, so fume-free paints and finishes were called for. Midas was responsible for supplying paint – environmentally friendly Midas Earthcote DTE Matt, a Zero VOC formulation. This is known to be better for people who suffer from chemical sensitivities, better for paint crews working on the project and better for the planet.

The architect responsible was Paul Luck of Lightspace Architects. “The Park Inn hotel brand is one which incorporates bold colours in much of its branding and general hotel operating equipment, such as their logo signage, uniforms, and décor accents”, said Paul Luck. “The brief was to incorporate bold flashes of colour to reflect the brand identity. We used Midas Earthcote colour in certain areas to offset from the general tones of whites and greys.”

From an aesthetic point of view, the architects wanted to avoid sheen finishes on walls, as they tend to highlight poor plasterwork and detract from the quality of the furnishings. “The reflections on the wall surface become the feature, and when this is not even or consistent, the effect looks disturbing. We chose Midas Earthcote’s DTE Matt to give a gentle, even backdrop for our features, whilst offering an easily maintainable surface,” said Paul.

The eco formulation was the clincher. “If we do not change our thinking, this earth will stand no chance. We endeavour to specify ‘sustainable’ products and construction techniques wherever possible, as part of our commitment to the planet.”

MIDAS EARTHCOTE DTE MATT: A Zero VOC water-based ultra matt formulation that minimizes light reflection on walls, whilst limiting environmental impact. Better for air quality, Midas Earthcote Zero VOC acrylic does not contain those raw materials in paint that are potentially harmful to human health. It is also free from Glycol, Formaldehyde and APEO.

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The Triplon 2000S CTICC paint job

9 Mar

SPECIAL PROJECT: CTICC Triplon paint job

FIVE years after the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) opened for business, it still looks remarkably sparkly and white. It promises to remain so for years to come. This extraordinary building, conceived in collaboration by architects Anya van der Merwe Miszewski, Revel Fox and John Ferendinos, is an iconic contemporary landmark on Cape Town’s Foreshore. Since 2004, the CTICC has excelled in providing a world class meeting place in the Cape, while attracting tourism and creating employment.

“When Midas Earthcote was appointed to supply paint for the project, the issue of maintenance was a real concern, especially considering the harbourside location and the impact of atmospheric pollution,” said Tom O’ Connor, of Midas Earthcote Cape Town. “We had to consider robust, long-life products that would reduce long term maintenance costs, without compromising a smooth high quality finish.”

The Triplon 2000S CTICC paint job


Being self-cleaning, the Triplon 2000S system used on the CTICC repels environmental pollutants such as fungi, algae, exhaust emissions or shot-blasting residue.

The solution was Triplon 2000S – an ultra-durable paint system developed by Midas Earthcote. The system comprises three coats of paint, offering a self-cleaning, protective finish in either a smooth or a stippled look, depending on the desired aesthetic.

Being self-cleaning, the Triplon system will repel environmental pollutants such as fungi, algae, exhaust emissions or shot-blasting residue. These are important considerations for a building that’s close to the harbour and the freeway.

Triplon comes with a ten to fifteen year quality guarantee, depending on the location of the site. Qualytech, a quality control management company, independently audits the condition of the painted surface before, during, and at various intervals after application.

“We monitor Triplon after application to ensure that the fungal resistance and dirt repulsion properties are effective and active” said Allen Clack of Qualytech. “Triplon is one of the finest solutions for CBD and coastal buildings. It is possibly the only paint system with such a long life guarantee.”

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The historic Domaine Des Anges farmhouse

7 Mar

Lovely old farmhouses never die. Given the right treatment, they just get more and more beautiful…

Domaine Des Anges

The oldest farmhouse on Domaine Des Anges.

“The property is the oldest home on the Domaine Des Anges estate” says Paul Silberman of Midas Earthcote, Franschhoek. “The owner wished to retain many of the original features, but with a contemporary look and practicality. In certain areas, a sleek, open, very modern approach was called for by the interior designer, Conrad, of John Jacob Interiors. This was an exciting and interesting creative challenge, as the coating solutions were integral to the design feel.”

Paul Silberman was asked to come up with a coatings plan to help this historic 1913 Domaine Des Anges farmhouse step proudly into the 21st Century. His solution was awarded the Midas Award of Excellence in November 2008.

“The exterior lent itself to a softly graded textured look to complement the vernacular style of architecture and the painterly rural winelands setting with its oaks and olive trees. We used Midas Fresco – a gravely textured paint that has the subtle nuances of a cement based paint but which doesn’t streak or mottle. Being very robust, it has excellent water-resistance and holds up well in the face of weather. Because it’s a thick coating, it masks imperfections beautifully.”

Silberman explains how he and his team wanted to insinuate the style of old beesmis farmhouse floors, but with a look that is a lot sleeker and more current. To achieve this, they used Earthcote Floorcote in certain areas as a practical hard-wearing surface. “Our ultra matt, rustic Earthcote Sand Paint, essentially an outdoor paint which is not washable, was used extensively on the interior
walls. We also used classic, traditional Earthcote Stucco. A hand-packed application method helped to create a more current feel,” says Silberman.

The final result of the historic Domaine Des Anges farmhouse project is rustic, but maintains real historical integrity. This was thanks to both a well conceived product solution and to an expert team of world class applicators.

“Our top crew of experienced, old-hand applicators was put onto this renovation” said Simon Fraser, Marketing Director for Midas Earthcote. “They are incredibly versatile and well versed in all styles of coating techniques. They went straight in on this very complex renovation project after having just returned from Amsterdam where they had been doing demos for the biggest Decorex show in Europe.”

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The Cape Sands paint job

1 Mar

CAPE SANDS PROJECT: Concealing imperfections with a subtle texture

THE Cape Sands – a landmark sea-facing contemporary building in the Strand, was looking good in every respect. However, surface imperfections, which are all the more visible with the glare at the coast, posed a challenge to Pierre Volschenk, who was tasked to improve the finish. Volschenk worked alongside Cyril Bekker and Sean Rack, partners in Midas Earthcote Somerset West and Strand stores, to come up with a cost effective, quality finish.

The solution was a paint system that conceals imperfections while providing a subtle texture. The first coat, Midamite Coarse, has a heavy stipple texture that provided the necessary uniformity. This was over-coated with Midas exterior acrylic (Midafelt 225). These robust products also stand up well to weather at the coast. Being matt, Midafelt 225 helps to diffuse and reduce glare from sea.

The Cape Sands paint job

The Cape Sands

The Cape Sands

“This was the optimum solution, considering that re-plastering wasn’t an option. Conventional acrylic paint at a rate of 8m2/L cannot cover and correct what a textured paint like Midamite can do at 1.5m2/L,” said Bekker.

“Cyril and I have a collective four decades of experience in the paint business,” said Rack. “Experience tells us that a full service is the only way to properly fulfill customers’ needs.”

Midas Earthcote provides a service at floor level where orders are taken, colours are accurately tinted by eye, delivery is swift and solutions are offered that work with the aesthetic, technical and cost requirements of a project. Synergy ensures a package that works for customers and leaves a long-lasting finish every time.

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Midamite and Fresco textured paint

22 Feb

MIDAS PAINTS: Midamite and Fresco

MIDAS Earthcote brings you colour with texture. We have already had a look at the Midas 300 product range and now we want to introduce you to two more textured Midas products – both of which have their own special and unique appeal. Each of the following products are for both interior and exterior use.



Introducing Midamite – the durable, textured emulsion. Midamite is available in fine, medium and coarse varieties. Then there’s Fresco – an acrylic, suede-textured coating, which is the gentler of the two. This unique textured paint offers subtle, graded colour nuances.

Application of Midamite and Fresco is slightly different. What is important for each however, is that all surfaces are thoroughly prepared beforehand, that all manufacturer’s instructions are strictly followed, and that you allow the correct drying times between coats.



Fresco Application: Apply one coat of the recommended primer followed by two finishing coats of Fresco.

Midamite Application: Apply one coat of the recommended primer followed by two finishing coats of Midamite. Note: Midamite Medium and Coarse must be over-coated with a pure acrylic.