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Midas Earthcote Roof & Floor Paint

20 Feb

Midas Earthcote Floor Paint

THE most essential step involved when applying floor paint is correct preparation. It is important that all floor surfaces be prepared in the recommended manner. This usually involves ensuring that floors are oil and grease free before applying floor paint.

Midas Earthcote Floor Paint is a tough water-based polyurethane floor paint that dries to a satin finish. It can be used for both exterior and interior surfaces and can be applied to new or previously painted floors where medium wear and tear resistance is required.

Application: Thoroughly stir and apply a minimum of two coats of Midas Earthcote Floor Paint to prepared surfaces using a brush, roller or spray at the stipulated spread rates. Allow to dry before over-coating.

Midas Earthcote also offers a unique floor paint called Stoep Paint. This is a tough, roll-on floor paint that dries to a gloss finish. It can be used for both exterior and interior surfaces.

Application: Prepare surfaces thoroughly, removing all oils and grease etc. with Granoprep; apply two finishing coats of Stoep Paint. Strictly follow all the manufacturer’s instructions and allow the correct drying times between coats.

Midas Earthcote Roof Paint

When it come to roof paint, most would turn to a product that is both waterproof and fade-resistant. Midas Earthcote offers three varieties of roof paint – one of which is even acid rain-resistant.

Midas Earthcote Acrylic Roof Paint is a medium strength, acrylic-based roof paint that is fade-resistant and dries to a matt finish. Midaroof is a premium quality, pure acrylic roof paint that is fade-resistant and acid rain-resistant.

Bituminous Aluminium, on the other hand, is our solvent-based, bituminous solution pigmented with aluminium paste for protection of bitumen waterproofing systems.

Roof Paint Application:

All roof paint is for exterior use only and application is the same across all products. An important part of the preparation process is to degrease galvanized metal surfaces with Galvanised Iron Pre-cleaner. Thereafter one coat of the recommended primer should be applied followed by two finishing coats of your chosen roof paint. As always, one should strictly follow all the manufacturer’s instructions and allow the correct drying times between coats.

Franschhoek welcomes new Paint&Place

14 Dec

OPENING: Franschhoek welcomes a new Paint&Place to the Village Artisan

FRANSCHHOEK is known by many as the food and wine capital of the country. It hosts more award-winning restaurants than anywhere else in South Africa. Once a sleepy country retreat, the village of Franschhoek began experiencing a boom since the 1990s. Today it appeals to an audience of lifestyle lovers, cultural enthusiasts and those who enjoy some of the finer things in life.

To add to the colourful diversity of Franschhoek, one of the oldest paint contractors in the country, Paul Silberman, will officially be opening a Paint&Place in Franschhoek next week. Paul Silberman has been in the paint industry for 30 years – having spent 15 of those years in Sea Point.

Paul knows all the facets of the paint industry and is credited with having refurbished one of the oldest farmhouses in Franschhoek. This 1913 homestead, called Domaine Des Anges, has been transformed to its former grandeur.

Domaine Des Anges Homestead

The Domaine Des Anges homestead painted with Peinture and Midas Roof Paint

Domaine Des Anges

Domaine Des Anges


Paul made use of a variety of Midas Paint products to restore Domaine Des Anges to its former glory. For the outside of the building he used Peinture and Midas Roof Paint – specifically ‘Simply Charcoal’. On the inside he used Pigmented Floorcote, Stucco and Down To Earth Matt.


The renovation of the Colmant winery – tucked away in the far end of Franschhoek Valley, is another project that Paul Silberman has been proud to be involved in. For the outside of the winery Paul coated the walls using Midas 240. To create the unique ambiance inside the winery, Paul used Steracon – a highly specialised product containing an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additive with an active ingredient that repels bacteria, fungi and other potentially harmful microbes.

Colmant Winery

The Colmant winery coated with Midas 240 and Steracon

Inside the Colmant Winery

Inside the Colmant Winery

Paul Silberman is a specialist when it comes to renovations, and is ready to offer his advice, service and expertise to anyone looking to renovate their home.

The new Paint&Place store in the Village Artisan of Franschhoek (Shop no. 80C) has been tastefully done in that old French style which is so typical of Franschhoek. The freshly coated store will cater to the whole Cape Winelands area and is centrally located for all visitors to enjoy the wonderful pleasures of the Western Cape.

Franschhoek Paint&Place Contact Details:

TEL: 021-876 2082
CELL: 082 567 6162

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