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Midas Earthcote Sand Paint

6 Jun
Earthcote Sand Paint

Earthcote Sand Paint

Click here to download the Sand Paint Colour Card

DIY PRODUCTS: Midas Earthcote Sand Paint

Midas Earthcote Sand Paint is a brush-on exterior paint product that offers a fine-grain look (like sand, mud or clay) for ultra-flat, light-absorbing walls.

Midas Earthcote Sand Paint is:

  • Brush or roller applied
  • For interiors and exteriors
  • Perfect coating for a matt earthy finish
  • Standard colour range and selected colours
  • Masks plaster imperfections and reduces glare factor
  • A fine textured finish, generally recommended for exterior use

To view Earthcote palettes, accurate colour samples and colour cards, visit your nearest Paint & Place store. Click here for a stores list.

ENVIROLITE: Zero VOC Environmentally Friendly Paint

16 May

ENVIROLITE: Water-based, zero VOC & reduced VOC paint product range

Glycol, APEO and Formaldehyde and the less favourable ingredients of paint, which we aim to completely eliminate in time. These substances are conventionally used as paint drying time retarders, preservatives and stabilisers. The Envirolite environmentally friendly paint range has been reformulated without these potentially hazardous chemical ingredients. Currently, many Envirolite products either have reduced VOCs or are ZERO VOC.

Envirolite: Environmentally Friendly Paint Range

Envirolite: Environmentally Friendly Paint

Envirolite is able to maintain its low VOC content by making use of Glycol-free colourants, which helps to significantly reduce possible health hazards of paint. Envirolite has been given a “Green Star” rating by the Green Building Council of South Africa and is already way ahead of international standards.

The entire product range at Midas is called Envirolite. Each and every one of these products are vetted through the green filter. Paint & Place stores throughout South Africa provide these green filters, which can be used to evaluate your paint before purchase.

Every tin of Envirolite will have a label on it stipulating whether the paint contains Zero VOC, Minimal VOC, Low VOC or Medium VOC, allowing you to make an environmentally conscious choice. Lookout for these on your next visit. To find a Paint & Place store near you, try using our Store Locator.

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