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Midas Earthcote Peinture

11 Jun
Midas Earthcote Peinture

Midas Earthcote Peinture

Click here to download the Peinture Colour Card

DIY PRODUCTS: Midas Earthcote Peinture

Midas Earthcote Peinture offers an earthy layer of luxury – inspired by the ancient landscapes and rustic textures of the Karoo. It is a Midas Earthcote brush-on exterior paint product.

Earthcote Peinture is:

  • Brush or roller applied
  • For interiors and exteriors
  • Selected colour range & custom tinted colours
  • Generally recommended for exterior, gritty, sueded finish
  • Perfect coating to cover plaster imperfections and hairline cracks

To view Earthcote palettes, accurate colour samples and colour cards, visit your nearest Paint & Place store. Click here for a stores list.