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The Mobile Paint Lab

9 Jan

INNOVATION: Introducing the Mobile Paint Lab

THE costs of renovating or painting your home can add up pretty fast if one isn’t careful. Having an architect come out for measuring, driving to the paint store to select your colours and mixtures and then having the paint contractors come around to officially begin the process, can be expensive and time consuming.

There is a sure-fire way of having many of these costs cut out of the picture entirely. The “mobile paint lab” is an idea brought into being by Bredasdorp Paint&Place contractor, Andre Swart.

“The idea was actually thought of by my brother in law years ago”, explains Andre. “It is all built around convenience. Clients that make use of our mobile service do not have to drive out to select their paint. We can mix on site and offer paint products and our services right on the spot.”

The Mobile Paint Lab

The Mobile Paint Lab is a Paint&Place on the go - a free and convenient all-in-one service which cuts out many of the costs involved with renovating your home.

Andre has converted a Volkswagen Caddy into a one-man mobile unit, which he calls his “mobile paint lab”. The lab consists of a drawer system with all the paint and tools needed as well as a manual machine for the mixing.

“I have loaded the Cargo Tint Programme on my laptop which enables me to do all the measuring and mixing required from the car”, says Swart. “I also plan to install a printer so that even invoicing can be done on the spot. The Mobile Paint Lab could really be the next best thing for the industry.”

Andre Swart and his mobile paint lab currently operate roughly within an 80km radius around the Overberg area. The mobile paint lab is an additional, 100% free Paint&Place service that is likely to catch on. It is built around convenience, and all that it takes to make use of the mobile paint lab is to give Andre, or the Bredasdorp Paint&Place, a call.

Bredasdorp Contact Details:

TEL: 028 424 1522
CELL: 083 658 7215
EMAIL: andre@omail.co.za

  • The Midas Earthcote in Bredasdorp will be converting to a Paint&Place in 2012. The store is located on the corner of Claredon & Dirkie Uys Streets, Shop No. 6, Bredasdorp 7280. To find a Paint&Place near you try our Store Locator

Blouberg Paint&Place store upgrade

22 Dec

New Paint&Place, Living Texture and Bread & Butter deli all in one store

IF you live in Blouberg, you’ve likely heard people talking reminiscently of Ilene Cross’ over-sized, home-baked muffins at the new Bread & Butter deli in Sandown Road.

Husband and wife team Steven and Ilene Cross have infused all their passions into their new Paint&Place store in the Sunningdale Lifestyle Centre in Blouberg. Interior design, décor, real home-baked treats and ensuring that people have a thoroughly memorable experience overall, are what Steven and Ilene have brought to the table.

P&P Bread & Butter

The new Bread & Butter deli inside the new Paint&Place store in Blouberg

The new Bread & Butter deli is actually inside the new Paint&Place store – allowing visitors to chill out and relax while their paint-related needs are taken care of. But many just pop around for the coffee and a bite of Ilene’s gourmet sandwiches.

“It’s all about presentation and the overall experience”, says store owner Steven Cross. “The new coffee shop has taken off far better than we expected. I believe this is largely due to word of mouth and the homely atmosphere that everyone has helped to create in our new store.”

The new Paint&Place has clearly become more than just a paint store, but a place to relax, treat oneself, and enjoy some good company. The whole move has been such a success, that Steven and Ilene have opened another business, Living Texture, within the new Paint&Place store. Living Texture offers products related to interior design and décor and is a great combination with Paint&Place.

Blouberg Paint&Place

The Blouberg Paint&Place coming to fruition

  • The new Blouberg Paint&Place, Living Texture and Bread & Butter deli is in Shop No. 6 of the Sunningdale Lifestyle Centre, 9 Sandown Road, Sunningdale. Check our Store Locator to find a Paint&Place near you.

The Green Filter Paint Evaluator

21 Dec

GREEN FILTER: Evaluating the VOC content of your paint

AS part of the new Green Revolution, it’s become increasingly important to rethink all aspects of how we choose to live. This includes evaluating how we choose to paint our homes.

Conventional paint contains some nasty stuff – chemicals that are damaging to the environment and to our health. Glycol, APEO and Formaldehyde are all potentially hazardous chemical ingredients that are conventionally used as drying time retarders, preservatives and stabilisers.

These chemicals are known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and can be irritating to the eyes and nose and damaging to the lungs. They also contribute to poor air quality.

The entire product range at Midas is called Envirolite. Each and every one of these products are vetted through the green filter. Paint & Place stores throughout South Africa provide these green filters, which can be used to evaluate your paint before purchase.

Every tin of Paint & Place paint will have a label on it stipulating whether the paint contains Zero VOC, Minimal VOC, Low VOC or Medium VOC, allowing you to make an environmentally conscious choice. Lookout for these on your next visit. To find a Paint & Place near you, try using our Store Locator.

The Green Filter: VOC Paint Evaluator

Green Filter PosterGreen Filter Poster 2

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Franschhoek welcomes new Paint&Place

14 Dec

OPENING: Franschhoek welcomes a new Paint&Place to the Village Artisan

FRANSCHHOEK is known by many as the food and wine capital of the country. It hosts more award-winning restaurants than anywhere else in South Africa. Once a sleepy country retreat, the village of Franschhoek began experiencing a boom since the 1990s. Today it appeals to an audience of lifestyle lovers, cultural enthusiasts and those who enjoy some of the finer things in life.

To add to the colourful diversity of Franschhoek, one of the oldest paint contractors in the country, Paul Silberman, will officially be opening a Paint&Place in Franschhoek next week. Paul Silberman has been in the paint industry for 30 years – having spent 15 of those years in Sea Point.

Paul knows all the facets of the paint industry and is credited with having refurbished one of the oldest farmhouses in Franschhoek. This 1913 homestead, called Domaine Des Anges, has been transformed to its former grandeur.

Domaine Des Anges Homestead

The Domaine Des Anges homestead painted with Peinture and Midas Roof Paint

Domaine Des Anges

Domaine Des Anges


Paul made use of a variety of Midas Paint products to restore Domaine Des Anges to its former glory. For the outside of the building he used Peinture and Midas Roof Paint – specifically ‘Simply Charcoal’. On the inside he used Pigmented Floorcote, Stucco and Down To Earth Matt.


The renovation of the Colmant winery – tucked away in the far end of Franschhoek Valley, is another project that Paul Silberman has been proud to be involved in. For the outside of the winery Paul coated the walls using Midas 240. To create the unique ambiance inside the winery, Paul used Steracon – a highly specialised product containing an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additive with an active ingredient that repels bacteria, fungi and other potentially harmful microbes.

Colmant Winery

The Colmant winery coated with Midas 240 and Steracon

Inside the Colmant Winery

Inside the Colmant Winery

Paul Silberman is a specialist when it comes to renovations, and is ready to offer his advice, service and expertise to anyone looking to renovate their home.

The new Paint&Place store in the Village Artisan of Franschhoek (Shop no. 80C) has been tastefully done in that old French style which is so typical of Franschhoek. The freshly coated store will cater to the whole Cape Winelands area and is centrally located for all visitors to enjoy the wonderful pleasures of the Western Cape.

Franschhoek Paint&Place Contact Details:

TEL: 021-876 2082
CELL: 082 567 6162

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