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Midas Earthcote Artisan Products

12 Jul

ARTISAN PRODUCTS: Frost, Pandomo, Shalestone and Dorado Paste

Earthcote Pandomo

Earthcote Pandomo


Earthcote Pandomo paint offers the swirly, veined look of polished marble, with modern lustre. Resin-stucco polished with Earthcote Wall Wax. Pandomo is trowel-applied and for interiors only. It is important that Pandomo paint is applied by an approved applicator and that it is not applied to any wet areas. Earthcote Pandomo comes in a selected colour range and custom tinted colours.

Earthcote Shalestone

Earthcote Shalestone


Earthcote Shalestone is a smooth, cool, urban wall plaster that offers two distinct finishes – that of finely crushed natural stone, or marine-look beach plaster. Shalestone is trowel-applied and for interiors only. Wet areas are to be avoided and the services of an approved applicator are recommended. Shalestone comes in four standard colours: Urchin Grey, Sand Dollar, Coral Tree & Bangwe Pansy.

Earthcote Dorado

Earthcote Dorado


Dorado creates a look inspired by shimmery Dorado fish, on a wall. It offers a shimmering metallic look with a textured finish. Dorado is trowel-applied and for interiors only. It is recommended that Dorado be applied by an approved applicator. Dorado is ideal for detailed walls and comes in four standard colours: Bronze, Pewter, Oyster White & Copper.

Earthcote Frost

Earthcote Frost


Have you ever wanted to create the look of frost or snow with paint? Earthcote Frost achieves this in a luxurious, crystalline opaque topcoat. Frost paint is trowel-applied and for interiors only. It is important that Frost paint is applied by an approved applicator and that it is not applied to any wet areas. Earthcote Frost comes in a selected colour range and custom tinted colours.

To view Earthcote palettes, accurate colour samples and to download Earthcote colour cards, visit an Earthcote store or Paint & Place near you. Click here for a stores list


Fishy loo and metallic tyres

25 Jun

DORADO: fishy loo decor & metallic tyres

Metallic tyre flower pot by Riaan Chambers

Metallic tyre flower-pot by Riaan Chambers

This aloe flower-pot was spotted on a sidewalk in Muizenberg – outside the studio of creative explorer and lighting designer extraordinaire, Riaan Chambers. Riaan makes the most beautiful things out of glass, shells, discarded materials and found objects. This is a great way to repurpose old tyres, by turning them into planters. The use of metallic paint on tyres is an unexpected twist, and notice how good metallics look in combination with white. We like that. Earthcote Dorado smooth paint would achieve exactly this kind of look.

fishy loo decor

fishy loo decor

We also love the metallic scales (pictured below) painted by Cape Town art director Alistair Palmer. This is in the ‘fishy loo’ at Olympia Cafe in Kalk Bay – one of Cape Town’s finest seafood destinations. Alister painted the scales in various tones of Earthcote Dorado, turning a dodgy looking look into a local talking point.

fishy loo decor by Alistair Palmer

fishy loo decor by Alistair Palmer

Post & pics supplied by Jenny Mason. Check out her blog koekalooks for more

The Reserve – interior & style

17 Apr

THE RESERVE: The interior & style of one of Cape Town’s most trendy nightclubs

The Reserve is a nightclub in Cape Town – located in the 150 year old ABC building in Adderley Street. The Reserve was once a bank and has ceilings that are almost twelve meters high.

The Reserve boasts an interior & style that is both uniquely historic and highly sophisticated. The interior walls are clad in marble and the building still has all its original brass fittings and spectacular antique chandeliers. The interior of The Reserve was extensively revamped in 2011 by interior designer Manuela Candido.

The Reserve – interior & style

The Reserve Interior

The Reserve interior

As you enter The Reserve you are met by a flamboyant and stylish room, which constitutes the bar area. The interior walls of the first bar are painted in both flat colors in various shades of green with palm tree murals and parrot monkeys as accents. Other interior accents include leopard skin and floral fabrics, palm tree cocktail tables, pink duco tables and other vivid pops of colour.

The style of the bar is pure fantasy, with its proudly kitsch 1950’s Palm Springs look, while the lounge is reminiscent of a Munich-style 1930’s burlesque room. This called for wall décor that would add to the glamour of the interior rather than fade into obscurity – and look shimmery and sparkly at night.


The witty and wild style & interior of The Reserve called for an idea that would be an appropriate backdrop to the palm trees, parrots and pink tables. The manipulated look of the Earthcote Storm Wall treatment creates the perfect mood. This ‘agitated’, spontaneous, hurricane-like style occurred when diluted acrylic wall paint was applied over Earthcote Worn Leather. The lime from the Worn Leather base coat kept burning through, bringing intense movement to the surface.

Click here for a ‘how to’ guide to creating the Storm Wall Hurricane effect

The interior & style of The Reserve restaurant

The Reserve Restaurant

The Reserve Restaurant


This sparkly champagne-like effect was achieved using a base coat of ‘Oyster White’ Dorado – Earthcote’s shimmery, metallic textured paint, with a layer of Earthcote Frost applied on top. Frost can be applied over any colour and it looks quite literally like snowfall on a wall – opaque and twinkly. An insider tip: mix glitter into the Frost to ramp up the sparkle. The ‘Methode Champenoise’ glitter Frost was used on the plaster mouldings next to the solid old marble inlays in the club.


The 150-year old space inside The Reserve is absolutely incredible. Andrea Graaf, Interior designer to The Reserve, describes the club as “a fantasy of creating two different areas that patrons can explore and enjoy, while always admiring the different visual and sensual elements.”

Apart from the specialised palm tree murals, there are lots of leopard skin and floral fabrics with palm tree cocktail tables and just color, color and more color. It offers a real kitsch, 1950’s Palm Springs vibe while the actual lounge offers luxurious banquette seating surrounded by dance floor podiums.

The Reserve Decor

The Reserve Decor

The birdcage is the ‘piece de resistance’ – made out of mild steel and finished in gold leaf. It is totally over-scaled and is definitely one of the ‘wow’ factors in the room. In fact the whole style is totally eclectic which can be seen from the bright duco’ed pink coffee tables to the ‘Rietveltesque’ mild steel cocktail tables.

The Reserve hosts carefully thought-out and executed themed nights on a weekly basis to crowds of 30 plus. Themed parties are held every weekend but you have to be on the guest list by contacting The Reserve to receive access to these exclusive parties.

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